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Ou êtes vous?

Ou êtes vous?

In America

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An agreement signed with Argentina

For many years, EFS has been providing technical assistance in Argentina, in the framework of a medico-technical cooperation with the Province of Buenos Aires (center “La Plata”).
Cooperation still active between Brazil and France

New steps related to the French-Brazilian Cooperation

From the 17th till the 20th of July, EFS welcomed a Brazilian delegation on its centres of Rouen (the 17th and 18th), of Lyon (the 20th), and at its headquarters (the 19th), within the scope of the cooperation in blood transfusion that has been uniting France and Brazil since the 1980s.

Franco-Chilean transfusion cooperation

The cooperation between France and Chile with regard to transfusion led to the introduction of university diplomas in Transfusion Medicine. This cooperation is supported and followed up by the French Embassy in Chile and by the Chilean Health Ministry.

Cooperation between the EFS and the Brazilian Blood and Blood Derivatives Coordination Authority

Cooperation between France and Brazil, with regard to transfusion, started at the beginning of the 1980s. It is therefore the most long-running international cooperation in the field of blood transfusion. The French Embassy in Brazil is closely involved in this cooperation.

Argentina, the host country of the 2011 world blood donor day.

The EFS was present, as a partner of the World Health Organisation (WHO):
11ème smposium franco-brésilien à Brasilia

The EFS-Brazilian cooperation

The Franco-Brazilian cooperation is the oldest of the international cooperations in the transfusion domain: the Eleventh Franco-Brazilian Symposium took place last October in Brasilia, with the support of the French Embassy and almost 200 participants.
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