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The Mauritanian cooperation

Since 2005, the EFS has been a stakeholder in a transfusion cooperation with Mauritania, in collaboration with the French embassy. After an initial exploratory mission, EFS experts provided medical and technical training focusing on the safety of blood donations, both from a qualitative and a quantitative point of view as well as on the organization and beginnings of a quality approach.

Today, the partnership has two main priorities:

  • To provide support in the development of reference frameworks and documentation (characteristics of blood products, best transfusion practices, etc.) and help in the implementation of a quality system.
  • To make a medical and technical contribution, in particular concerning research into a methodology for the promotion of blood donation, but also concerning the processing and use of LBPs, and screening.

In November 2009, the EFS took part in the Fifth Maghreb Days in Nouakchott and also in the First Mauritanian Transfusion Congress. During these events, the Department of International Affairs met with the Minister of Health and the advisor to the French ambassador, reinforcing the request made by the Minister to the EFS who is extremely anxious to continue receiving the support of French transfusion expertise.

In December 2009 a mission, requested by the Mauritanian portion, enabled a 2010-2013 action plan to be devised incorporating the following elements: 

A local development essentially driven by the Mauritanian portion comprising:

  • Adaptation of current premises enabling implementation of compliance with Mauritanian Best Practices (BP), with construction of new premises to house the administrative services and thus enabling the outfitting of the current collection, processing, screening and distribution premises.
  • Implementation of a blood donation promotion service.
  • Acquisition of a suitable information system enabling traceability and better management of donor files.

Support from the EFS based on:

  • Regular exchanges with the EFS experts to finalize the documents.
  • Missions to promote blood donation and the drafting of specifications for the development of a suitable information system.
  • At the end of the year, monitoring of the performance of the quality system and action plan.

In line with this action plan, a mission was carried out in March 2010. Its goal: to promote hygiene and safety best practices in blood donor establishments (general notions, disinfection, treatment of surfaces, collection hygiene and biological risk prevention).


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